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Are you looking for some Virtual Families tips? Then you  are in the right place. We have the best strategies, hints and tips for you to use while playing Virtual Families. By using our tips you will have an easier time growing a family and becoming rich in this game.

A lot of people go bankrupt and can’t afford a nice family; however, with these Virtual Families tips you will have the best family around. Let’s take a look at some of these tips below.

Virtual Families Tips

Everyone gets sick sooner or later while playing this game. If you don’t know how to cure a sickness right away it could become worse and cost a lot more money to cure it. To fix the sickness right away you need to keep an eye out for the symptoms. If the person said he or she is coughing a lot then you want to use a specific type of medicine. Below are the different medicines and they symptoms they cure.

Coughing – To cure a person who is coughing a lot use the antitussive syrup. It is more expensive than other medicines; however, it will cure the cough right away.

Throat – For illnesses regarding the throat area use the Throat Lozenge.

Headache – If you have a headache or your body hurts simply purchase the Anti Inflammatory pills from the store.

Hiccups – This is a quick fix. Just bring them to the kitchen or bathroom sink so they can get a drink of water.

Virtual Families Medicine


Sneezing – Sometimes they will only sneeze a couple times; however, if the sneezing doesn’t go away then buy the Antihistamine medicine.

Itchy – Sometimes your person will complain about being really itchy. If this is the case then purchase the Cortisone Cream from the store.

Upset Stomach – For an upset stomach you need to head to the store and purchase the Peptic Syrup.

A simple trick that we discovered while playing this game and saved us a lot of time was found when we were finding the collectible items. When you are picking up new collectibles you don’t have to wait until your person brings the item to the drawer. In stead, while he or she is doing this you can keep giving out orders  and the collectible items will still be collected when he or she is done.

This tip or cheat can also be done while pulling the weeds out of your garden. We found that that these two Virtual Families tips helped us save time by over 50%. This means that instead of picking weeds the whole time or finding collectible items they can now spend time working on their careers and making money.

Getting Married

For future purposes you definitively want to get married right away. When you get married the person is happy instead of lonely. Also, when you are married you can have kids. Even though you may not want kids right away you should think twice about them. The quicker you have kids the faster they will grow up and can help around the house. This means more time for the parents to work on their careers to make more money and we all know that everyone loves money.

getting married in Virtual Families

Yes, it will be tough at first raising several kids at once; however, it will eventually pay off in the end. If you would like twins or triplets go to the store and purchase a hormone booster. These do cost a lot so you may not be able to afford it right away.


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