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Virtual Families Lite Cheats

For those of you that play Virtual Families Lite an one of your devices here are some of the best Virtual Families Lite cheats. This game is one of the most popular app games out there today so its no wonder why so many people have been asking us for cheats.

virtual families lite
Below you will find a lot of hints and tips that will help you grow a family on the Virtual Families Lite game. To check out all of these Virtual Families Lite cheats lets take a look below.

This first cheat is to get some free money quickly. The first thing you need to do is open up the game on your device then exit out of it. The second step is to go to your settings, choose the date and time tab and click on it. Next, change the year to two years back from now.

virtual families lite
Now go back into the game and have your person take the trash out or have your person make a meal. Your last step is to exit out of the game again and set your device’s date back to normal. Open up the game again to see what happens!

Keeping your person or persons is essential to the game. The longer you play the more the characters can become unhappy. So, to keep them happy you need to buy new items, praise the person after they did something right, make sure they are eating at the right times, keep the house clean and never use the scolding hand. Using the scolding hand will make the characters unhappy easily.

Virtual Families Lite Cheats

This Virtual Families Lite cheats will actually let you find rare items throughout the properties. To find rare items wait for it to start raining. When it is raining take your dog our for a slow walk by clicking on him. He will eventually dig up some rare items for you to keep. To do this make sure it is not dinner time because ┬áthen your dog won’t want to go on a walk but instead will want to eat.

These are all the Virtual Families Lite cheats we have so far. Make sure to check back often as we are always updating this page with new cheats. If you have a cool cheat that we don’t have here then share it with us by leaving a comment below. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page and subscribe to our YouTube channel for a chance to win cool Virtual Families items.


2 thoughts on “Virtual Families Lite Cheats

  1. lomo daniella relloso:-)

    I like virtual families because its have a lot of things to do.and there’s so many lesson you have learn in families.I love it:-)

  2. Jessie

    How do you fix the bird thing on virtual families lite it says there must be a part missing where ?????????
    I need some tips or cheats to get the bird thing to work.

    And how do you get them to have babys I’ve tried putting the boy on top on the girl and they try to make a baby but when they are finished trying they go of doing something alse leaving me without a baby:-(( I really want a baby


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