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Virtual Families Cheats

Check out the best Virtual Families cheats on the internet here. We have more cheats than anyone else on the internet. Virtual Families cheats are very popular among all people who play this game.

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With these cheats you can do a lot of different things that normal users can’t. Below is a combination of cheats and tips to help you out throughout the game. Well, lets take a look below to get the Virtual Families cheats.

Virtual Families Cheats

Here are some of the best cheats for the game. There are many helpful hints on this page so take your time and find the ones that you are interested in the most.
Unlock The Shed

To unlock the shed you first have to head over to the sandbox and find the brass door knob with one of your family members. After you pick up the door know your character will take it to the shed and fix it. Your next step is to take a family member and put it on the welcome mat. This will allow him or her to get the key, walk it over to the shed and unlock the shed doors for you. You will now be able to walk into the shed and use it to put our fires with the extinguishers or use it to water the plants but only after you fix the water hose.

virtual families shed
How To Fix The Workshop Wall
Figuring out how to fix the workshop wall can be a bit tricky because you need to know what to look for and purchase. The first thing you need to do is to purchase the wall repair paint from the store. The paint will be in the “varied items” section of the store. The repair paint is not always at the store so you will have to wait for it to appear. When you finally get the paint put it next t0 the bucket along with the paint brush. You will see it on the bottom right of your screen near the sandbox. Next, put one of your family members next to the bucket and they will fill it up with water and will add the paint as well. They will also bring the bucket of to the workshop wall in which all the children will start painting the wall for you.

Even though the children will paint your wall, they will not finish the job for you. To complete the wall, you must keep bringing back the children every round. To get the job done quicker use multiple people to paint the wall. Whatever you do, do not interrupt the children when they are taking from the bucket because it will make the bucket and paint disappear and you will lose all of your work. You will then have to wait for the paint to be in the store again to buy it.

How to Extinguish Fires

To put out a fire in your house is pretty easy. Remember, you must first have the shed door unlocked so you can access the fire extinguisher. To use the fire extinguisher put someone on the left side of the doorway by the shed doors. When the fire is put out make sure to thank the person for putting it out.

Find the Hidden Path

Yes, that is correct. There is actually a hidden path that goes from one house to another house. To find the hidden path, go to the tree behind the house where the pool would be. Once you are there click multiple times on the blue box where you would usually see the face of your character. Sooner or later you will finally be able to move the mouse without clicking or dragging. When you get to this point you can grab things from that house’s inventory and put them into the bushes. After you have some items in the bushes go to another families house and repeat the previous steps. You will now be able to grab all the items that you recently put there from the other house.

Earn Easy Money

To make money quicker and easier don’t let any of the parents do the work besides for health purposes such as showering. Just let the kids do all the work at the house. Also, don’t buy any of the house upgrade options in less you are at least a level 2 in the office, workshop and kitchen. Next, also save money on food. Be careful to not by more food then you need. Price of food is only about $250 a day. When your kids reach level eight focus on giving them books and they could earn up to $1000 per day. As they get older and are in their final week put them to work as much as you can because this is how they will earn a lot of money. As they are working and earning money this is the time to save up for level three upgrades. Do not purchase the purchase the bathroom upgrade because this takes the children away from working and earning money.

Choose The Next Generation

If you want your favorite child to be something different such as a cook then give him two to three encyclopedias after you turn the oven on. After your child is done with the encyclopedias give him cook books to read. When you start your new family not only will your child grow up into a cook but he or she will become a level 6 in less than 24 hours.

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Restoring Character’s Energy

Everyone’s character can lose energy throughout time while playing the game so it is important to restore your character’s energy. To increase energy the first thing you can do is give the person an energy drink or take the person to bed so he or she can take a nap during the day. You can also bring them to a hammock to sleep as well. If their energy is still not high after they woke up from a nap then repeat the process. You may have to do this a few times to get their full energy back.


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