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Virtual Families 2 Walkthrough

We have put this Virtual Families walkthrough guide to help everyone find different items and to help you learn what to do when you are faced with a specific challenge such as a leaky sink or holes in the foor.

If you find yourself stuck on something while playing Virtual Families 2, don’t worry because this guide will have the answer. Whether you need to fix something or need to know how to make money we will have the solution to your problem. Lets get started with solving all your questions below.

Virtual Families Walkthrough Guide

How To Open The Shed – This should be one of the first things you do when you start the game because both the fire extinguishers and water hose are in there. You will need these two items later espcially to put out a house fire. To see how to open the shed check out our How To Open The Shed In Virtual Families page.

How To Fix a leaky sink

Having a leaky sink can be a big problem if you don’t fix it right away. It can cause a lot of water damage to your house. So to get it fixed put a person on or near the sink then put the person on the workshop. Your character will then pick up a wrench and will fix the sink so it doesn’t leak anymore. Problem solved!

How To Put a Bird Bath In Your Front Yard

There are several steps to make to put a bird bath in your front yard. The first thing you need to do is to purchase the actual fountain pump kit from the store. Next, click on the bird bath to select it, then drop two adults on the bird bath. The reason we need two adults instead of just one is because the bird bath is to heavy for just one adult.

virtual families bird bath

How To Fix the Ruptured Water Hose

Again, to fix the water hose requires you to perform a few steps. To fix the leak you will need to buy the waterproof tape from the store. After you buy the tape click on it to select it. Then drop a person on the sink to get a drink from the sink. This will help reduce the water pressure in the water hose. The last step is to put the person on the hose to repair the leak.

How To Fix The Holes In The Floor

No one in their right mind wants holes in their floor. It’s not safe for your family to live like that so to fix the problem you first need to purchase the floor kit from the store. Each repair kit is only good for one repair. So if you have multiple holes you will need to purchase several kits to fix them. Next, walk next to one of the holes and click on the repair kit. Then drop your person their to begin the repair job. ┬áTo repair the holes takes longer than most jobs. So, if it seems like they are not getting fixed right away, don’t worry it will take awhile.

virtual families fix holes in floor

How To Fix The Workshop Wall

In order to do work on the Workshop wall you must fix the water hose first. Once the water hose is fixed head over to the store and purchase the compound then click on it and drop it next to the bucket over by the sandbox. Your next step is to put an adult on the compound. This will allow him or her to mix the compound with water and to bring it over to the Workshop wall. Make sure to stay on top of the person who is mixing the compound because if he or she stops the compound could harden and you will have to start over from the beginning. To hurry up the project drop a few people on the Workshop wall. This will allow you to complete the wall faster.

virtual families workshop wall fix

How To Fix The Blocked Toilet

Yes, it even happens in the Virtual Families games. Your toilet gets blocked up, and everyone knows this can cause many problems. Don’t worry, this is an easy fix. All you have to do is put a person on the toilet and he or she will fix it for you.

How To Fix The Internet

Not having internet in your house these days is the worst problem you can have. However, it is always an easy fix to repair it. Simply drop an adult on the computer and he or she will fix the internet in a matter of a few seconds.

Where To Find The Doorknob

To unlock the shed doors you first need to find the doorknob. The doorknob is located in the sandbox next to the house.

virtual families doorknob

Repair The Doors On The Shed

To repair the doors on the shed takes a couple more steps compared to others; however, it is not that difficult. First, drop a person on the gold doorknob found in the sandbox. This will allow him or her to put the doorknob on the shed doors. Next, drop someone on the welcome mat to obtain the key. He or she will then unlock the doors for you. You are now able to use the fire extinguisher and the water hose.



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