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Virtual Families 2 Tips

We have put together many Virtual Families 2 tips for all of you gamers out there that are in need of some help. These tips are different than the Virtual Families tips so if you are looking for tips regarding that game take a look at that page. We stumbled upon many of these tips while playing this game and wanted to share them with all of you because they helped us out a lot. To check out these tips lets look further down the page.

Virtual Families 2 Tips

Just like the first game, the bar on the left is where you can store some of your items before giving them to your adopted people. The green hand is the praising hand and the red hand is the scolding hand. To train your characters use the praising hand when they complete a task. They will start to learn what they need to do in each situation. We recommend you to never use the red scolding hand because this makes the characters very upset and it could be tough to make them happy again.

When you start the game you have one free bag of groceries in the left hand bar. Put this on the table right away for your family. You should also purchase some more groceries so they don’t run out of food. If they run out of food they will become unhappy and will send you an email.

bag of groceries virtual families 2

The first thing you should do when you start the game is to get married because this will make your person happy and it will help the family make more money quicker. Also, you should have a couple kids so they can start to grow up and help around the house.

Always check the Flea Market as much as you can. The Flea Market is a great place to get items at a very low price letting you keep more cash in the bank. Flea Market items change three times every day so if you don’t see something you want to buy the first time go back and check again. You can save a lot of money by purchasing items from the Flea Market.

flea market virtual families 2

Some more Virutal Families 2 tips are to keep the house clean and to make your characters focus on their careers as much as you can. The more each character focuses on their career in the early part of the game the quicker they will move up and get promoted. This means that they will make more money quicker.

working virtual families 2

If you have a child, the mother will not be able to focus any time on her career as she will be to busy. That being said, you need to keep the father in his work place a lot and try to upgrade him through his career right away so he can bring in more money. If he leaves his work place just click on him and drop him back in there. This will make him spend more time on his career.


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