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Virtual Families 2 Money Cheats

If you are looking for Virtual Families 2 money cheats then you are in the right place. We have the best money cheats and tips for you to use while playing. For all of those websites out there that claim they have software programs to give you unlimited money they are lieing to you. Our team has tried every single site to get free money but none of them work.

virtual families 2 money cheats

That being said, we are working on a Virtual Families 2 money cheats software download right now for you guys to have for free money. We will keep you guys updated when the software download is finished.

We want it to be the safest and more secure software out there so we are taking our time to build it. In the mean time lets take a look below to get some cool money cheats and helpful tips.

Virtual Families 2 Money Cheats

The first cheats or hints that we are going to tell you is for any type of device. That means these work no matter if you are playing on your computer or your ipad, iphone or other device. If you want to make easy money quickly follow these helpful hints.

The first thing you need to do is not let the parents do any type of housework unless it is for saftey and health reasons such as taking a shower or washing their hands. This will trigger the children to do all the housework. Also, you don’t want to upgrade any part of the property until you are at least level 2 in the workshop, kitchen and office.

Another Virtual Families hint is to keep giving the children books when they get to level 8. The more books you keep giving them the more likely they are to earn more money for you. You can get your children to earn up to $1000 per day if you do this right. Another cheat is to take advantage when your avatars are old. When your character is on their last week put them to work because Virtual Families pays them more for working. When you do this you can triple your money income per day with each character.

Virtual Families 2 Money Cheats for Android and iPhone

If you are playing on an Android or any type of Apple device then you are in luck. You can actually use this cool cheats to get as much money as you want. To do this money cheat you must be logged into the game. When you are playing, exit the game using the home button. Next, go to your settings and find the date/time tab and open it. For this money cheat to work you have to turn off auto-sync. The last step is to switch your device’s date to the year of 2020. Now go back to the Virtual Families game and you should notice that you have a lot of free money in your account.

We hope these Virtual Families 2 Money Cheats have helped you get free money faster and quicker. Let us know if you have any money cheats you would like to share with us by leaving a comment below. We would love to add it to our page.


37 thoughts on “Virtual Families 2 Money Cheats

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  2. Danielle white

    This cheat works 29/6/14 but also make you people sick an if you use it twice people die I lost the dad,marchi,the son seven,and the daughter adresse

  3. maram

    thanks for your great hints. but when l change the date from my phone the virtual friends will be died. & in this time l must create a new family with a new persons…. thanks for all your help. :)

  4. dimsal

    this is a shitty site…i’ve tryed everything that it said and it didn’t work! how am i suppose to make my little people happy if i cant find the helpful site for cheats if they don’t give my any besides says that i should be doing this and this and that if it doesn’t work! it’s very shitty!

  5. bir konuk

    ben bilgisayarıma indirdim ama bana hile lazım mesela sims 3 de 50.000 tl için bir şifre var ama bu oyunda da bana bu şekilde bir şifre lazım lütfen yardımcı olun :( (

  6. Blastoff

    Thanks! With the last one you can do any time but the later the date the more money you get! I found most of these helpful.

  7. Frozen Lolz

    There’s one quite easy one:
    1. Go on settings
    2. Change the time to some time later
    3. Go on virtual families one or 2.
    4: you should have more money than before.
    Sadly, when you go back on sometimes the people have died. This happend to me and I kept doing it and got onto my 8th gen. Lol

  8. Mickie

    Are you sure this is for the dream house edition? Because last time I checked it only worked for the fist one not the second

  9. Kourtnie

    If you take your adult to their work space praise them 3 times, they will runaway. Bring them back and do it again praise 3 times but this time let them. This will make them work a lot. But make sure to not let them work to much, if they are pull them away and make them have fun.

  10. CupcakeDaNia

    Stupid,I use Android device..I turn the date into 2020.When I go back,the parents died. The kid only one and I have to adopt him and he do not want to have childrens..

  11. Tamara

    So what the heck cause I tried those cheats and everyone died except the mother…..I got money but lost my family

  12. Bridget

    How do I turn off auto-sync? This is my first tablet and it’s android. I did the date thing to 2020 but it automatically turns back to 2014.


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