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How To Make Your Virtual Family Happy

If you are new to this game and are not sure how to make your Virtual Family happy don’t worry because we will show you how. Once you see what to do or how to make your person happy you will notice how easy it is to do it. Throughout the game you will notice that the characters’ feelings change all the time or they get sick and you will have to figure out how to make them better. If you need help with anything visit our website and we will have the answer. Lets look futher down to see how to make your Virtual Family happy.

Make Your Virtual Family Happy

There are actually several different things you can do around the house to make your person happy. The first thing you can do is keep your house clean and your yard tidy. When you first start the game, your house is going to be a mess. Make sure to take the time to clean up all the wrappers. Having a messy house is one of the worst problems to have and effects the characters’ moods the most.

Even though you may not want to get married right away your best option is to marry someone as soon as you can. Virtual Families makes people very sad and lonely in this game when they are not married. This will easily keep making the person unhappy.

marry on virtual families

If you adopted people who want children make sure you give them children. People are happier when they have at least one child. Even if you adopted people who are unsure if they want children or not are a little happier when they actually have a child.

No one likes a fridge that isn’t stocked with a lot of food. I don’t know about you but for us it upsets us when we don’t have food in our fridge. So make sure the fridge always has food in it so your people don’t have a burden on their shoulders.

taking out trash virtual families

After filling the trash can up for awhile it will begin to stink. If you notice flies surrounding the trash can it is time to take it out. If it starts to smell it will make the virtual family moods change. Simply take the trash out to make them happy.

Rewarding your characters can change their mood a lot. If they do something right like taking out the trash, or cleaning up after eating a meal use the green hand to reward them for it. This will quickly make them happy at the moment. Try to stay away from scolding them as much as you can because they get really mad when you use this.

Hopefully this has helped you on how to make your Virtual Family happy. If you know of other ways to make your family happy then lets us know by leaving a comment below. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page, Twitter page and subscribe to our YouTube channel for a chance to win cool Virtual Families prizes.



2 thoughts on “How To Make Your Virtual Family Happy

  1. Alexia

    Sorry, but I am a little confused because I make sure that my people have over 500 food or more all the time, and I try to take care of their mood swings. Plus, I try to find a good spirited husband for her that’s a little good looking, but the proposals she gets have none of that, the people who ask her don’t look good or have good description!!!!!! But she is still is unhappy!!!!!! Do you or anybody have any suggestions????????!!!!!!!!


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