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How Do You Put Out a Fire On Virtual Families

Sometimes while playing Virtual Families you will encounter a fire that you will need to put out before it burns your house down. Although it is easy to put out a fire it may be confusing at first if you don’t know what to do. When your persons are standing there yelling at you to help put out a fire you better know what to do or they will run away.

put out a dryer fire on virtual families

That being said, we will answer the question of how do you put out a fire on Virtual Families so your house doesn’t burn down. Enough with the chit chat, lets get started on how to put out a fire.

The first thing you need to do is unlock the shed. If you don’t have the shed unlocked then check out our Virtual Families Cheats page to learn how. After the shed is opened you now have access to the water hose and the fire extinguisher.

To put out the fire click on one of the family members and drag them over to the shed doors and release. The person by the shed should then automatically grab the fire extinguisher and walk towards the dryer. If he or she does not grab the fire extinguisher then click on him or her again and drop them by the shed. Keep repeating this step until he or she picks up the fire extinguisher.

When your person finally gets to the dryer he or she will use the fire extinguisher until the dryer lint stops burning. When the fire is out your people will jump up and down to celebrate. If it is your first time putting out a fire you will also receive a special reward.

How Do You Put Out a Fire On Virtual Families Video

Congratulations, you have now put our your first fire. If you need to know how do you put out a fire on Virtual Families 2 then check out our other page. If this page has helped you then please share with your friends by clicking on the icons below. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page, Twitter page and subscribe to our YouTube channel to get all the newest cheats and walkthroughs.


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