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How To Open The Shed In Virtual Families

Learning how to open the shed in Virtual Families can be difficult especially if you have know idea what to do or where to look. Many people have been asking us for a Virtual Families walkthrough on opening the shed so we have decided to make this walkthrough page and video to help everyone out.

How To Open The Shed In Virtual Families

Opening the shed is not that difficult itself; however, if you don’t know where the doorknob is then it can be really hard. To open the shed you need to find the doorknob because someone took it off the shed to play with it.

You may find yourself looking for the doorknob for hours before you find it. Lucky for you we are about to tell you where to locate it. The doorknob can be found in the sandbox on the front right of your house up against the wall.

how to open the shed in virtual families

When you finally find the doorknob to the shed your character will walk it over to the shed and attache it to the doors. Now, to unlock the doors you need to get the key. Pick up one of your characters and place them on the front door welcome mat. He or she will then aquire the key and will unlock the shed doors. You can now use the fire extinguisher and the water hose that are inside the shed.

If you are still not sure how to open the shed then take a look at our short Virtual Families video.

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