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How To Get More Money On Virtual Families

Earning and saving money in Virtual Families can be a challenge but we are going to show you some ways on how to get more money on Virtual Families. With these simple steps you can earn more money early in the game so you have more in the bank later on. Scroll down the page to get the simple step by step Virtual Families walkthrough on what you can do to get more money.

how to get more money on virtual families

To get more money on Virtual Families you should first adopt someone who earns more money per day than others. When you start the game you will have the option on which person to adopt. As you take a closer look at the qualities of each person there is one category you should really pay attention to which is the salary category.

Some people only earn $60 per day while others earn up to $105 per day. To get more money faster you should choose the person who earns $105 per day. In the long run this person will make you more money which allows you to save more in the bank.

The next step you should make is to marry someone right away. This will allow you to earn twice the cash as it would if you were single. We recommend you to choose the first marriage because every marriage option you decline it takes longer to pop up.

how to get more money on virtual families marriage

How To Get More Money On Virtual Families

Once you marry the person both of you should work as much as you can. To ensure that both of your people work a lot when ever they get a chance make sure to praise them with the green hand found on your left sidebar.

If your adults are laying around or doing other things click and drag them to the office to work on their career. After you get some money saved up try having a baby. When the children get older you can put them to work doing choirs around the house which allows your adults to continue working towards their career.

working on career in virtual families

We hope this has helped you on how to get more money on Virtual Families. Please share this page by using the social icons below. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page and subscribe to our YouTube channel to get all the newest cheats, tips, walkthroughs and guides.


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