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How To Get Married In Virtual Families

Learning how to get married in Virtual Families is actually easier than everyone thinks. You will start the game by choosing one person to adopt. Shortly after playing the game you will get your chance to marry someone. It is up to you if you want to choose that person or not. However, as years go by marriage proposals will become less frequent so you should marry someone within the first three marriage proposals you receive.

get married on virtual families

To get married in Virtual Families you need to wait until you see an email come through your computer. When an email arrives you should notice a yellow email envalope blinking in your top right corner and on the two computers. To open up the email click and drag the person who your fist adopted to the computer. Then he or she will walk over to the computer and open up the email automatically.

If he or she does not open up the email then click and drag him or her next to the computer again. Repeat this process until he or she opens the email. As the email opens up you will see the marriage proposal. On the proposal will have a few different categories that you need to consider before saying yes or no. The first to look at is how much money the person is making for a starting salary. If the salary is really low than you may want to reconsider. We have seen some starting saleries in the upper $200 range.

The second thing to consider is how much he or she has in their bank account. Some bank accounts will have very little while others could have as much as $400. Having more money in a bank account can be a positive feature in the beginning of the game to buy different items.

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The last thing to consider before marrying someone is whether or not they want kids. Even though some people don’t want kids doesn’t mean they can’t have them. It just means that it may be harder to actually have a baby than it would for someone who wants one. One to note, there are trophies you can get by marrying someone with the same career or by marring someone who has a lot of money or someone who has less than $75 in the bank. So depending on what trophies you wan to get can determine which person you want to marry.


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