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Games Like Virtual Families

Virtual Families is a very fun game to play and people spend hours on it trying to raise the best family and build the best house. This game hardly ever gets old; however, if you have beat the game and played it over mulitiple times then you may be looking for some games like Virtual Families to play. Below we have a long list of games that you may want to consider and play. Check out some of the games below and click on the links to try them for free!

Games Like Virtual Families

For every game that we select for a game like Virtual Families we will write a brief description of the game and tell you how it is similar to the game. We will also have links below each game so you can go directly to that game and try it for free.

IMVU – IMVU is a very fun game that is considered an adult version of Virtual Families. This game is another virtual game where you get to live a new life online. When you play this game you get to create an avatar, own a house, hang out and meet new people and many more. IMVU has so many features that you will never get bored of playing it. You sign up and play IMVU for free. Some of the IMVU features cost money to own; however, it is just as fun playing it for free! To try this game out for free click on the link below!

Second Life – Second Life is another virtual game that you create a new life online. It is very similar to IMVU in that you get to create your own person and create a new life. You can even get married and start a family in this game. Just like IMVU, this game has unlimited features to offer to keep you wanting to play more. You can play Second Life for free or can get a membership for a small fee. Check out the link above to play this game for free right now!

Sims – The Sims series are games like Virtual Families with a little different twist to it. The Sims is a game where you start a family like you do in Virtual Families and grow the family through time. Both games require you to babysit and watch over the families so they don’t run out of food or get sick. Virtual Families is more simple then the Sims but if you are up for the challenge we definitely recommend playing Sims after you are done with Virtual Families.

Virtual Villagers – Virtual Villagers is made by the same company as the Virtual Families but is a little different. In this game you start out on an island that was just wiped out by a volcanic eruption. Your goal is to create a village from scratch. As you create your village you have to explore the land to find different resources to continue to grow into an empire.

Animal Crossing РAnimal Crossing City Folk is where you are in control as the sole human that is among the anthropomorphic animals that populate the cities and villages around the entire world. While playing this game you can collect bugs and go fishing in the country or you can jump on a bus and go shopping in the cities. For entertainment you can even go the museum and check out all the cool items that are on display.


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